Kim kar trashian deeply in love with herself fame and money 2c8d96
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Not my fault republican congress are shopaholics 4c2c59
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Dont do drugs unless your doin them with me never turn down free drugs 58ed10
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Desperation past a certain point there s nothing to do but give up 41ac0d
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Queen michelle text under headline deb12c
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E3 expo weird kitchens they have 040e17
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W i f e need i say more 98206c
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Dave i am dave you are dave deal with it 1858bb
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In mother russia turtles like you 1bfaea
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Bazooka someone take that rgp away from jamal before he kills us all ac6a9e
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Alcohol pre emptive lol at your imminent fail 9f070c
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Acne extreme measures are taken to hide it 45e2d1
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Obama fistbump invented after shaking tony weiner s hand d97c0a
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One us dollar note 0127 22jews
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Dance it s my birthday d1dd11
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Ecfl draftboard08
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R i p grammar what is this i don t even 8c0bc8
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Strangeness when there is a couch and you decide to sit on the floor 8806b6
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Photography not everyone can do it 154f9e
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