Fingers for those times when a tissue just won t do the job 28f7a1
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Plastic weiner smarter than the real one 9b3cd5
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Weiner teasing girls love internet bad boys 739319
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Marilyn manson of monkeys 5dc418
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Marijuana it slightly alters your behaviour 7c0779
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2008 in aviation try 2008 in aviation you ll like it c542a7
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Dave i am dave you are dave deal with it 1858bb
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Unaware everyone has these moments just not this bad d7350c
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Eep but i can t get on a plane 12a2e1
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Jean grey go ahead fap i won t tell 594875
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Goals don t stand between a woman and her goals e19878
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Lol the darker side of christianity 7d6f8f
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The room service is top notch f85142
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Strangeness when there is a couch and you decide to sit on the floor 8806b6
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Being talented your doing it wrong cdd8bf
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Sex perverts anthony weiner expert on subject 4f6bfb
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Masturbation bad oral sex a ok bill clinton made it ok for all 0b3a67
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British accent you are doing it wrong d5f153
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Motivationalgenerator com f0b0b7
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Actually i used to know that but then i got high bc47d5
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E3 expo weird kitchens they have 040e17
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Photography not everyone can do it 154f9e
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