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To shut up and love your fucking country e47201
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Newsweekmancrush on obama does michelle suspect anything 9cf2f3
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Goals don t stand between a woman and her goals e19878
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Not my fault republican congress are shopaholics 4c2c59
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Sex perverts anthony weiner expert on subject 4f6bfb
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Big brother mark he knows all the kinky sites you visit 2c3be0
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R i p grammar what is this i don t even 8c0bc8
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Motivationalgenerator com f0b0b7
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Caps lock
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Fat or thin your choice 077e0e
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Jean grey go ahead fap i won t tell 594875
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Watermelons better than a lower intrest rate 3805da
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Being talented your doing it wrong cdd8bf
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Angel dust it s either you or the raccoon on it but how can you be sure fdb27c
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Calls you retard but he s the one with retard in his gene pool 9f8aaa
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Queen michelle text under headline deb12c
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Firefox cat were building a better internet b6d13a
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